CollabHost Bulletin

1/18/2023 - Reinstall

Due to disk corruption and also several underlying issues, we've had to reinstall.

Note that this time things will be a lot more strict and we also won't be giving out wheel to everyone

Everything will need to be reinstalled. Consider any posts below this one to be dead. All old data is located read-only at /backup

- Elijah

10/2/2022 - E-Mail Server

There is now an email server if you would like to setup email for your domain. Just go to, log in with the credentials in the passwords thread, add your domain in the domains tab, and add as many accounts as you wish.

for both IMAP and SMTP servers, with STARTTLS encryption.

9/7/2022 - Gitea and Jenkins

There's now a Gitea and Jenkins server you can use to host your code and automatically build it if you'd like. Ping me for an account

- Elijah

8/27/2022 - New Bulletin

I've replaced our old bootstrap bulletin with a new one with a minimal stylesheet because do we really need bootstrap for a bulletin?

- Elijah

8/26/2022 - Migration completed

We're now running Artix Linux. Any data from the old server is now gone. You'll need a new account.

8/25/2022 - Switching to Linux

We will be switching to Ar(ch|tix) linux imminently (within the next few days).

If you do not back your stuff up before then it will be lost forever.

8/10/2022 - Ja Brand New Browservice Server!:tm:

We know it's been a while since the last update, Here's a blatant advertisement for our brand new product:tm:. Still have that 2005 XP Home machine sitting down there not even doing Absolutely Anything? Revive that old pile of low-cost pentiums with Ja Brand New CollabHost Browservice Server!

If you want in, hit me up. If you're in the Discord, you know where to find me (hint hint, 4chan hacker guy)


5/23/2022 - (Delayed) Status Report

Not much to say.
Most of the stuff we had is now down.
A list of (known) casualties:

  • RDP Party (At least, for now.)

  • WS'03 VM and it's mail server.

  • Net64 Server

  • Possibly more, but I don't remember.

For those who noticed, yes, both SHOUTcast 1.9.8 servers have been replaced with custom counterparts by yellows111.
This is because the proxy we previously used (interally called i-can-yell-too) was limited in features.
Because of this, what was SC 1.9.8 has been replaced with i-can-yell-2, the sequel to the previously mentioned proxy.
The changes to this included the switching to a pure-HTTP output, rather than ICY being proxied to HTTP.
They are some issues. Stream caching is known to be pretty bad, but can be fixed with reconnecting a few times.
The previous implementation (i-can-yell-too) may be released eventually, as we no longer use it.
Currently, yellows111 is focusing on i-can-yell-2, so the release may be delayed, as such as this post is/was.

- yellows111

5/9/2022 - Eye Pee Vee Siiiiix

Woah. That's new.
IPv6. Now on CollabHost.

5/4/2022 - Directory migration is complete!

Pretty late to the party, but everyone's site is now migrated! All services are now operational.

5/4/2022 - Icecast and another SHOUTcast stream

Icecast streams are avaliable on /stream2.
While a new SHOUTcast stream may be avaliable on stream3.mp3.
However, this one may not be up for as much as other streams.
The SHOUTcast 1.x interface for /stream3 is... well /stream3.
- yellows111

5/3/2022 - Directory migration 90%? complete

We're waiting on a user to migrate to the new format, which may take a while.
All other services should be operational as per usual.
- yellows111

5/3/2022 - Notice about the www directory

I have started to relocate parts of the www directory to subdirectories in the java namespace format.
For example, if you had a directory of subdomain.thisisasite.example, It would of been moved to example/thisisasite/subdomain.
The root directory of a domain has been moved to a _root subdirectory. (example: example/thisisasite/_root)
What would be invalid namespaces like mixedname123.example have not been prefixed nor suffixed.
- yellows111

5/3/2022: Appension - server_name _;'s changing uniquely

As we have multiple services on the global server_name,
I have decided to split their directories into what port it's targeting, rather than what subdomain it is.
(because subdomains don't apply for the global server_name.)
- yellows111

4/30/2022 - Net64+ Server

I made a Net64 server because why not. Connect using with port 9335
- Morrowseer

4/29/2022 - Collaborative Mail:tm:

A mail server is now available! Outlook 2007 is being installed on the machine as I am writing this. Connect to the server 2003 VM, open the pop3 manager and make yourself an account. Your account will be (username)@ ~ Holy Network Adapter

4/29/2022 - RDP Party relocated

The RDP Party IP has been relocated. It is now
The external IP (.37) is being reused for another project.
The new RDP Party Public URL is Please update your bookmarks.

4/29/2022 - Windows Server 2003 VM

Feel free to play around with it, IP on the network is! ~ Holy Network Adapter

4/26/2022 - Sven Co-op server

We have also got a SC server with Decay,Blue Shift and Opposing Force maps as well!
Server IP is (FastDL enabled)

4/26/2022 - SHOUTcast 1.9.8 server

Want to listen to whatever crap people find funny over here?
No? too bad! Listen to it now! (it might be down)

4/23/2022 - Another Quality Modpack 2 Server

Come join our Another Quality Modpack 2 server,
Server IP is (port 25565)
(warning: pack is quite obese)

4/?/2022 - Obsidian Conflict Server

Wanna play Half-Life 2 Co-op? Come play on our OC server! We got HL2, HL2EP1, HL2EP2, CS:S and HL:S mounted!
Server IP is (port 27015) (FastDL enabled)

4/19/2022 - BeeBeep is now avaliable

Want to talk with your friends over LAN? BeeBeep is the solution! No bullshit like LANMessenger which doesn't
work over our lan. Enjoy talking with your peers and annoying the **** out of them!
-Dartz's Fursona